soul & somatic journeys

Each journey is personalised specially for you and your needs, for your own intention and focus. We will work with your body’s innate intelligence to repattern the response mechanisms of your nervous system, by engaging with the Vagus nerve, the SUPERHIGHWAY to wellness, on every single level!

An in-depth consultation guides both you and I during our time spent together to offer you the best possible outcome for your wellbeing and greatest good.

how it works

what to expect

Wearing easy fitting clothing is ideal and depending on the combination of therapies used you may be required to disrobe, your comfort and dignity always being top of mind.  

I will use a combination of somatic, healing & touch therapies, an in-depth consultation guides both you and I during our time spent together to offer you the best possible outcome for your wellbeing and greatest good.

The aim is for you to shift from the world of doing into the world of BEING. The only requirement is to allow yourself to surrender into stillness while you body remembers its natural state.

Modern day survival mode living pushes the messages sent from the brain to the Vagus nerve and from the Vagus nerve back to the brain, into complete overdrive.

By disrupting this stressful stream of messages, and instead offering conscious connection through a combination of healing & touch therapies, the messages of calm, of peace and of love, begin to activate your body’s natural healing response, shifting you into the blissful state of rest and digest.

Why the Vagus nerve?

Your Vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body, it weaves and wonders its way down from the brain stem, into a beautiful and intricate lace work of webbing flowing into your ears, your face & neck, your throat, down into your heart, your lungs, your liver, your spleen, your stomach, your pancreas and finally into your gut and your digestive system.

This complex and extraordinary nerve is the alchemist which communicates with every organ in your body and oversees a range of vital function. It controls your parasympathetic nervous system, the system which allows to you to feel calm, to rest your body and your mind, and to digest & absorb the nutrients you consume. It is driven greatly by the gut-brain connections.

A healthy Vagus nerve is THE power tool in negotiating life’s challenges & adversities to help you to escape survival mode living, and to instead flow into a calm and positive mindset and life.

What you may experience if you have low Vagal Tone:

— Anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, panic, fear, self-doubt.

— Feelings of overwhelm and desperation, sadness, or loneliness.

— Gut issues, IBS, bloating, constipation.

— Pain caused by inflammation, and inflammatory conditions.

— Brain fog, lack of concentration and focus, forgetfulness.

— Elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, feeling faint.

— TMJ, earache, headaches, difficulty swallowing.

— Feeling ungrounded, lack of connection to the world around you.


in-person and distance sessions

Initial session will take 2 .5 hours, each session thereafter takes 2 hours.


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I invite you to come to release and reconnect with your true essence during a combination of healing & touch therapies, for a shift from the world of doing into the world of being.

My promise as a facilitator

“During your process of self-healing, of deep rest, and of peace, I will hold space for you with openness, love, and care,”.

“It is my intention to be a force for good in this world. I will maintain a safe space for people of all ethnicities, colours, races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, ages, abilities and social classes.


is the ultimate state of receivership.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza