Industry services

Your team is the life and spirit of your business, a happy mindful team can only translate into delighted customers.

As a veteran in the wellness industry, leading teams and individuals to exceed even their own expectations, has been my signature. My passion is to facilitate the process of personal growth which then flows naturally into extraordinary teams.

This is my elegant moment of giving back to this outstanding industry which has held my space for 30 years.

Giving and receiving are opposite sides of the same coin.


curated for your team

Workshops are curated and tailor made for your specific team, and there is a wide and varied selection, I invite you to contact me to chat about your requirements and budget. Let’s make it work for you, your team and me. I am beyond excited to assist!

Continent wide, no place too far, too big or too small. I have been incredibly privileged to venture to all corners for industry training, operations and management.

Each participant will always receive individual time with me during the course of the workshop. Feeling is believing!

the experience

Some of what can be experienced

Tailor made mindfulness and self-development workshops

Management and team leader motivational training

Practical holistic therapy training

Crystal therapy training

How to add meditation, visualisation and affirmations into a treatment or therapy

Quick and easy to learn energy healing techniques to enhance to any treatment or therapy

Sound therapy options to add to any treatment or therapy

Unique treatment, therapy and menu curation

Product training

the way you think

and the way you feel, creates your personal reality.

– Dr Joe Dispenza