Kinesiology is a gentle touch therapy using muscle monitoring and body awareness to tap into the body’s innate intelligence and cellular memory.

It is a beautiful tool which helps to reduce stress, reduce pain, improve performance, release trauma, assist with addictions, address self-sabotage no matter the form, and address dis-ease, amongst many other issues.

In fact Kinesiology is useful for almost any issue be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. At its core kinesiology assists in finding your aha moments to promote health and wellbeing, to enable you to move forward in life and leave the past behind.

The balance it’s self

Wearing easy fitting clothing is ideal, and yes you remain fully clothed through out! You will be laying relaxed and comfortable on the therapy bed.

how it works

what to expect

I will be using an arm muscle to monitor your body’s responses as we move through the balance, the muscle monitoring is the communication tool, it is an energetic response and requires no effort from you at all.  

The only requirement in the balance is for you to be willingly involved, you may like to talk and share deeply during the balance, or you may prefer to talk little and contemplate quietly, as the facilitator through your process of insights I will hold space for you with openness and care.

Typically each of my balances takes about 1.5 hrs.

When dealing with a specific issue I recommend a minimum of 3 balances to see optimal benefits. Time between balances will be indicated by your body at the end of each session.

Should your body indicate it necessary, I will make recommendations for additional support.

distance / online


The only difference in an online/distance session is that instead of using your arm muscle to monitor your body’s response I use my own arm muscle as a surrogate, the process and results remain the same.

Quantum physics shows us that the distance between us is not of importance. Working in the quantum field of energetic healing is outside of linear space and time, it is powerful it is long lasting!


in-person and distance sessions

Initial Kinesiology balance 2 hours R690 – I will email a consultation form and questionnaire to you which I will require to be returned to me prior to your session.

Kinesiology balance 1.5hrs R650

My promise as a facilitator

“It is my intention to be a force for good in this world. I will maintain a safe space for people of all ethnicities, colours, races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, ages, abilities and social classes.

No matter the question the answer is love”