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your sanctuary.

Here you will find everything you need to reconnect to your mind, body and soul.


True to its name, The Soul Khaya, is the home of conscious wellbeing, my intention is to continue to pioneer and create experiences for living in harmony with one’s self and the world around us.


release & reconnect

There is nowhere to go, and nothing to be done, just one breath can take us into being, and the only requirement is allowance.

soul & somatic therapies

During each journey we will work with your body’s innate intelligence to repattern the response mechanisms of your nervous system, by engaging with the Vagus nerve, the SUPERHIGHWAY to wellness, on every single level!

Modernising the tradition of crystal water.

The time-honoured practice of vitalising water with gemstones/crystals has been scientifically proven to increase the bio-availability of minerals and improve PH-value and oxygen content.


I invite you to come to release and reconnect with your true essence during a combination of healing & touch therapies, for a shift from the world of doing into the world of being.

and suddenly you know:

it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

– meister eckhart

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