our story

Over the course of 5 decades of life lessons, 3 of those being immersed in the holistic therapy and wellness space, I have a deep knowing that acceptance of the present moment is where peace lies.

There is nowhere to go, and nothing to be done, just one breath can take us into being, and the only requirement is allowance.

It is my mission to be of service, to be a force of good to this world with the intention of using LOVE to do so.

True to its name, The Soul Khaya, is the home of conscious wellbeing, my intention is to continue to pioneer and create experiences for living in harmony with one’s self and the world around us.

the soul khaya


The Soul Khaya was rooted 12 years ago as a holistic spa in the beautiful Rhenosterspriut nature conservancy which borders on the cradle of human kind. My then partner and I created a peaceful abode for all to come to for meditation, holistic therapies and luxurious spa therapies. After the business wound down I moved into a more corporate position within the spa and wellness industry.

After too many years of disconnection from myself the universe nudged me enough for me to listen to my soul and, once again, I am incredibly privileged and grateful to be back practicing my passion and sharing the love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The rebirth of the Soul Khaya is now in the form of a holistic therapy, kinesiology, sound and meditation practice. This time with higher perspective, deeper wisdom and complete openness to the infinite possibilities the universe holds.


My commitment to all whom I encounter is to infuse every aspect of your experience by honouring the ancient wisdom of harmony, rhythm and flow. I invite you to come to release and reconnect with your true essence during a combination of healing & touch therapies, for a shift from the world of doing into the world of being.

practice love

until you remember that you are love.

– swami sai premananda