VitaJuwel Water Bottle – Luna


rainbow moonstone (white labradorite) – clear quartz

As the name suggests, Luna is strongly connected to the energy of the moon, making it first and foremost, a women’s stone. In traditional healing practices it is used to help strengthen a woman’s intuitive sense, open the heart and to get in balance with the natural cycles of life. Wise women know about the effects of the moon on their body. Vibrating with the light of a full moon, rainbow moonstone provides a reflective, calming energy. Even men are said to benefit from empowering their gentler, more feminine side.

The 500 ml gem water bottle includes a selection of hand-picked gemstones for the preparation of your healing water.

Not Dishwasher Safe

Benefits of Moonstone

  • Assists to regulate the female hormone cycle & menstrual complaints
  • Encourages intuition, creativity, and emotional balance

Benefits of Clear Quartz

  • Distributes energy, creates harmony between other crystals
  • Increases the effect of other crystals