Lapis Lazuli Mala and Trio Bracelet Set



Lapis Lazuli is the epitome of all we adore about the mystical world of healing crystals. Celebrated as being the wisdom stone, revealing deep inner truths to you it invites one into the authenticity of expressing your truths from the throat chakra. This beautiful 108 piece mala is hand knotted using natural lapis lazuli, sterling silver findings and guru bead, finished off with a handcrafted tassel.

Hanging between 500mm to 800mm a mala necklace may be worn strung twice around your neck, left to hang mid torso or knotted to your preferred length.

The trio set of Lapis Lazuli, Blue Agate and Sodalite bracelets, along with the beautiful Lapis Lazuli mala, makes for a perfectly complete heart chakra mala collection. Available in S M L

Created with love and intention each piece is bespoke and unique, and may vary slight in colour and size.

Tailor made Mala Collections are available, contact us and together we will create your special piece. Contact us.

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