Rose Quartz pendant medium


Medium sized Rose Quartz oval pendant 38mm x 19m.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Soft and feminine, it is drenched in tenderness and harmony, making it gloriously comforting, while lending itself perfectly to the passionate art of romance.

Our beautiful superior quality pendants are made of natural semi-precious gemstones and pure sterling silver.

As sterling silver tarnishes over time, when not wearing your pendant or chain, keep them in the bags in which they are delivered. (Or any air-tight container). The bags, when closed, are air tight and so slow down the tarnishing process. Keeping them in separate bags prevents the chain from scratching the pendant when being stored.

If your sterling silver jewellery does get tarnished over time, it can easily be cleaned by polishing it gently with a silver cleaning cloth. Silver cleaning cloths are easy to come by at any Jewellery boutique and we recommend Connoisseurs cleaning cloths.

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